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Making Memories

First, I am a mother of two, Evan who is 7 and Kayla who is 4. I am a wife to my best friend and my biggest support. Family is my number! They are the light of my life.


I found my passion for photography when I had my son, Evan in 2015. When I had my son, I always wanted to be able to freeze time so I could remember the moments a little longer. Now that I have my daughter as well time seems to be flying by even faster. Since I have started my journey with photography, I have been able to capture and cherish those moments in this fast paced world! I want to share my passion with others and help capture those precious memories in your life too!


I have found it is way more than just photographer. It is creating a way to capture and creating your story of life. My goal isn’t just to take your pictures, it is to capture those moments for you to be able to look back on and feel and see the emotion of love of your story. Every moment matters.

Sharon Grace
Owner & Photographer
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